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3 Tricky Money Blind Spots for Entrepreneurs

Broke avoidance causes us to invest in the wrong strategies at the wrong time. We keep pushing with the false hope that “just one more thing” might work. We tend to invest big dollars ‘cause we’ve been told that it worked for so-and-so, suck it up and play with the big dogs, be willing to take big risks to make big money.

How Entrepreneurs Must Prepare for Fast Growth

Whether you spend years or months preparing for your small business to take off, the moment that sales start rolling in is a fantastic feat. You made it! Everything should become so much easier now, right? Orders are flying in but with it comes a whole new level of support to keep up… New programs […]

How to Accelerate Success by Emulating Others

Ever wished you could learn the secret strategies your mentors are using to add more zeros to your bottom line? Or how leaders accomplish world-changing goals in record time? When I first set my sights on a multi-six figure business, I had absolutely no idea how to achieve it. I just knew that the next […]

Why Entrepreneur Success is Messy

Just the other day I was feeling pretty frustrated by a technology breakdown. As I talked it through with a team member I said, “Seems like every time we really raise the bar and go for a new level of success we have a lot of breakdowns.” And because I surround myself with wise team […]

4 Things Thriving Entrepreneurs DON’T Do

There’s a lot of struggle and busyness out there amongst entrepreneurs. Yesterday as I was leading my monthly MoneyDNA call one of my clients said, “Melanie I’m so busy and overwhelmed keeping up with my current level of success — I can’t imagine how I can ever handle MORE success.” You see my client had […]

3 Success Habits to Master For a Smooth-Running Business

This month I’m celebrating 14 years running my own small business. I love my business but boy those first few years of trial and error were ROUGH! Around year five as my business began to hit the high six figures I realized that the way I had built my business would not work to continue […]

3 Biggest Fears Plaguing Entrepreneurs

Do you know what the top three fears entrepreneurs and small business owners are plagued by? In my experience of teaching entrepreneurs how to dissolve the barriers between automatic success and pervasive struggle there are three fears that crop up over and over again.  Fear # 1. Fear of success. No surprise here, right? Well […]

5 Lessons 2013 Provided Me on Failure, Success and Thriving

Every year as part of my New Year process I review my biggest learnings –the good, the bad and the surprising experiences that caused me to learn and grow. I share these life lessons with you in case my “a-ha’s” can be a guiding force in your own evolution as an awakened leader and visionary […]

4 Reasons Entrepreneurs Should NOT Delegate

I’m sure you’ve heard many times from different experts that delegating can help you grow your business quickly. I mean just this last week I saw at least 25 articles alone espousing the benefits of having other people implement your marketing tasks, alleviate you from tasks you put off, and speed up the process of […]

5 Revolutionary Concepts that Catapulted my Success

Over the last 14 years of running my own business I’ve learned quite a few  concepts that made a significant difference in accelerating my revenues over and over again. Now you may have heard them before but to me, when they were revealed to me, they revolutionized the growth of my business. Here are five […]

My Five Smartest Choices that Catapulted My Success

Every day you have an opportunity to make choices about what you will spend time and money on in your entrepreneurial endeavors. Looking back over my 12 years as an entrepreneur, I made a LOT of bad choices and failed a few times along the way. I think if you aren’t failing then you aren’t […]

How Disorganized Entrepreneurs Repel Sales

Most of the entrepreneurs I know started their business because they either had a passion for their work or they wanted the freedom to call their own shots in their career. But the reality that hits sooner or later is this. Passion alone is NOT enough to run a successful business. The creativity most passionate […]

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