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Melanie Benson Strick on “When Things Don’t Go Right” [Podcast]

Every entrepreneur faces breakdowns — but what should you do when things don’t go right? This week I’m tackling how you can adopt a success mindset and move through challenges with more ease and grace. Want to achieve bigger goals? Learn how to recondition your mind so that higher levels of success happen automatically. I’ll […]

Magnetic Goals Formula with Melanie Benson Strick [Podcast]

You’ve set your goals for the year — now what? Do you get distracted with the day to day and neglect those big goals? Or do you use a proven tool to magnetize those goals to you quickly. Listen in as I share a technique to setting and achieving your biggest goals. Want to achieve […]

How to Make Better Business Decisions with Melanie Benson Strick [Podcast]

Small business owners make hundreds of decisions every day, but are they making decisions that get them better results? In this week’s episode, Melanie shares her advice to her entrepreneur clients on how to make better business decisions that don’t waste time and money. If you’d like to optimize your business results check out the […]

Flip Your Entrepreneur Failures to Succeed Faster with Melanie Benson Strick [Podcast]

Sometimes a failed attempt as an entrepreneur can cause you to doubt your future. In today’s podcast session, Melanie offers a better way to flip those failures into a success strategy — by simply asking three questions. Get a free copy of my new mindset book, Rewired for Wealth at  

Deadlines That Get Met with Melanie Benson Strick [Podcast]

Do your project deadlines come and go? Are your product launches typically stressful with lots of breakdowns? In this episode, I’ll share an optimizing tip to help you create deadlines that actually get done on time.  

Optimize Your Momentum and Results with Melanie Benson Strick [Podcast]

 Melanie shares how to optimize your momentum and results by recognizing when you “switch-task.”  

Get Off the Pause Button with Melanie Benson Strick [Podcast]

If you find yourself procrastinating and are stuck on “pause”, this week I’ll share with you a few tips to get back into momentum. Did you know that procrastination can be a sign that you are out of sync with your goals? Check out this free training to get back on track: How to Recode […]

Melanie Benson Strick

Melanie Benson Strick President & Founder, Success Connections, Inc.                 Melanie Benson Strick, known as America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer, has a gift for guiding fast-paced, overwhelmed, driven entrepreneurs to thrive in their small business. With over 13 years mentoring thought leaders and big thinking entrepreneurs, Melanie is […]

Creating Seven Figure Success and Real Passive Revenue by Franchising Your Business

Melanie Benson Strick chats with Dan Burrell, Area Developer and Area Director for Jersey Mikes Subs in California, who took a HUGE risk and brought the ultimate sub sandwich to Southern California a few years ago which is now exploding into a planned 300 stores in So Cal.

Tell-Tale Signs You Have Entered Liberation School

We enter Liberation School when we go unconscious to our authentic, highest purpose and try to fill ego-based needs, or just get by with the basics. The more we fight it, the more it hurts. Melanie Benson Strick reveals how to liberate yourself from a business rut and welcomes you to the Get Real Revolution.

Quick to Hire, Slow to Fire

Hiring the right people for the job to grow your team is a key part of growing your business. Learning effective delegation skills are crucial for growth! Virtual team management doesn’t have to be a nightmare, Melanie Benson Strick explains how to delegate successfully.

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