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Business Partners: How to Know if its the Right Partnership for You

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The holy grail for any creative entrepreneur is finding that PERFECT business partner. Most creatives don’t really enjoy marketing and running the business. Ideally most small business owners would love to spend more of their time doing what inspires them the most. So the best solution for many is to find a business partner who […]

Robert Skrob on Association Marketing [Podcast]


What if your credibility was boosted in a very, very unique way through the associations in which you’re already involved? What if you had a strategy that was a little-known technique to increase joint venture partnerships?   Melanie and her guest, Robert Skrob, discuss the business model of Association Marketing and how it can boost […]

Schedule Strategy Session

Preparation Instructions Our Strategy Design session is a key part of our work together. In this session I’ll help you identify your roadmap to achieving your goal. Some of the things we will do together are: Determine what your new business offerings will be Get clear on the resources, systems and support you need to […]

Six Ways a Business Mentor Will Help You Skyrocket Your Results

When I started my business I quickly recognized that all the top-earning coaches had a coach. Wanting to be successful as fast as possible I hired my first business mentor before I even started my business. Today I hire business mentors for a totally different reason – I want to perform at the top of […]

Guest Post: Putting a New Face on Business – The Creation of a Caring Corporation

Anita said that what saved The Body Shop over and over was their willingness to recognize what wasn’t working and quickly identify a new way to approach a problem. This is a crucial strategy because everyone who starts a business is going to face challenges. Things never work out exactly as intended and creativity will play a key role in enabling a new business owner to conquer daily battles. If you don’t come up with alternative solutions, your dreams will die.

Are You Marketing Your Coaching To Seekers?

By Guest Blogger, Rhonda Hess Coaches are getting smarter. I’m meeting more coaches who know that the typical approach to marketing a coaching business doesn’t work well. They truly want great results, so they are using better strategies much earlier than I did in my coaching career. And it’s working for them. That indicates the […]

What To Do When You Outgrow Your Business


I’ve had quite a few conversations with clients and friends lately that sound something like this: I have this overwhelming melancholy feeling. I feel stuck without a clear path forward. I’m not motivated – all my projects feel like hard work. I’ve been putting off starting a marketing campaign (and I launch next week.) I’m […]

8 Tips to Propel Your Platform With a Twitter Chat

There’s no shortage of social media visibility options these days. And I’m not a social media expert by any means. But I have discovered a powerful technique to creating massive visibility and expanding sales through Twitter with Twitter Chats. Three years ago I offered to help launch Women Speaker’s Association (I’m on their Executive Board) […]

How Entrepreneurs Must Prepare for Fast Growth


Whether you spend years or months preparing for your small business to take off, the moment that sales start rolling in is a fantastic feat. You made it! Everything should become so much easier now, right? Orders are flying in but with it comes a whole new level of support to keep up… New programs […]

4 Biggest Money Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make


You know that feeling of pure joy when you finally learn how to make money in your small business? When you start your business there’s a ton of hard work involved to figure out what your clients will invest money on – and how to get your marketing to attract those clients – well, that’s […]

3 Hidden Profit Leaks Plaguing Your Bottom Line

bucket with holes

Most small business owners know that they must increase sales in order to improve their bottom line. But often lurking behind the scenes is a costly situation — common business building techniques that are actually causing your profits to leak out of your bank account. Now I know that common advice out there is to […]

The Big Misconception About Joint Venture Promotions

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One of the tried-and-true techniques to grow your list and generate sales is to partner up with a colleague who has already built a list of your ideal clients. Joint ventures can generate BIG results fast…but they can also be an expensive, time-consuming and overwhelming lead generation strategy. I’ve experienced tremendous success partnering up with […]

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