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Time to Be a Conver-Station Changer!

Which conversation are you in – the one that lifts you up and challenges your assumptions about what’s possible or the one that buys into fear, doubt and negativity.
A couple of month’s back I attended an event where I spent some quality time with some of my colleagues that I had not seen in a while…and something shifted.

The conversations were different with them.

Instead of feeling drained and discouraged I was inspired and my mind shifted gears. I had a profound epiphany – by buying into the “downslide” I was selling out on my real genius.

Guest Post: Served Up Just Right

When you’re committed to being a thought leader who’s on a mission to serve in ways people have never been served before, creating value where none has been seen to exist before, you need permission to be a bit wacky, says Lissa Boles, The Soul Mapper.

Guest Post: You Are Your Own Guru!

How many books do you have to read? How many tapes or cds do you have to listen to? How many seminars or workshops do you have to attend? How many $100,000 inner-circles do you have to join? How many teachers, mentors or therapists will it take until you get…there is no guru OUTSIDE of you!

The New “Rules” That Generate New Results

Being financially successful wasn’t really liberating – it was actually making me feel massively trapped inside my business.

I knew that following “the system” meant creating “the money machine” to do what worked at the expense of what felt right.

Guest Post: 5 Reasons to Write Your Book Now

Wondering if you should take time to write “the” book? Guest expert Drew Gerber, co-founder of Wasabi Publicty and Pitchrate shares his insight.

Guest Post: Putting a New Face on Business – The Creation of a Caring Corporation

Anita said that what saved The Body Shop over and over was their willingness to recognize what wasn’t working and quickly identify a new way to approach a problem. This is a crucial strategy because everyone who starts a business is going to face challenges. Things never work out exactly as intended and creativity will play a key role in enabling a new business owner to conquer daily battles. If you don’t come up with alternative solutions, your dreams will die.

Have You Overcome UnderEarning? [Book Review]

When you shift out of being an under-earner and make a stand for financial success in your life, you will find that every goal, dream and calling you have will be more “do-able.”

It’s Time for a Revolution…But Not THAT Kind!

Last week I finally started reading “The Storm Before the Calm” by Neale Donald Walsh. As I was browsing through the first few pages this quote literally jumped off the page at me. “What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground but a revolution of the mind.”

Guest Post: Master Your Mind to Achieve Your Dreams

Guest Article By Marcia Wieder, Founder Dream University (Discover more great wisdom on Achieving Your Dreams during Answering The Call Virtual Summit, starting February 7th) During these challenging times what are you thinking? Are you focusing on your dreams or your doubts? Are you moving toward what you want or immobilized in the face of […]

Guest Post: How To Become The Superhero Of Your Own Story

Guest Article By Robin Fisher Roffer, Big Fish Marketing (Discover more great wisdom on Reinvention during Answering The Call Virtual Summit, starting February 7th) Strategies for responding to “Tell me about yourself” Last week I was in a pitch meeting with a television network. I was in the president’s office seated with six of his […]

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