Lifestyle Choices That Can Make or Break You

Published on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we make a serious of choices every day that can make or break our success. As a business coach for many years now, I’ve learned that it’s often not even the big things that have the greatest impact… 

It’s the small, almost unconscious decisions we make that can influence the shape our life takes. 

The other day one of the Success Connections team coaches, Therese Skelly, said, “I was just talking to one of the Gold Plus members about how you take time off for self-care.” 

She was talking about how I always prepare for (or recover from) my trips with a massage. This last week I was feeling just a bit on the stressed side so I booked a facial/massage Monday afternoon. Even though I probably could have made the case to squeeze in some work since I’ll be traveling  this week, I knew that taking care of myself first would make for better stamina. 

I’ve also found that choosing to upgrade to my Platinum Business AmExp card allows me access to the airport lounges. I could have convinced myself to choose a less expensive credit card, but when I evaluate what I gain by feeling relaxed in the lounge vs. what I lose in the frenzied chaos at the gate, it’s obviously another great choice to take care of myself and my most precious commodity – my energy. 

A new decision I made for this trip is the “car service.” 

Because I have to facilitate the Virtual Team Building Telebootcamp on Weds morning before I leave for my event, I have to take a later flight than I’d like. Which puts me in to

Nashville around 10:40 pm (assuming all goes well and there are no flight delays.) 

In my head I’m thinking this through and I was getting overwhelmed with getting my bags, schlepping through a new airport to find the shuttle area, finding the shuttle, etc, etc. So I thought, “What does a billionaire do? Get a car service.” 

Interesting enough, the car service is actually LESS than the shuttle is. Works out great for me! And in the process, I’ve made some better choices to support my lifestyle of peacefulness and optimum energy. 

What lifestyle choices are you making today to support having the bandwidth for what’s important? Would love to hear your ideas. Post them here!


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