An Unexpected Gem in “Seedy” Sydney

Published on Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Recently I spent some time in Sydney Australia with some colleagues as we were speaking for Christopher Howard’s Ultimate Marketing Seminar.

After three days of being completely upside down in my time zones and presenting at this conference of over 700 people, I was exhausted. But I was committed to enjoying some of local Sydney life before I had to leave for Melbourne.

I headed out for the day with some of my colleagues, Stan Dahl and John Carlton of We hit the zoo, had drinks and dinner by the water, played some pool then hit a local jazz club. By then I’m snoring at my table (jazz just isn’t my thing).

So my new found friends proclaim it’s SPA TIME!

What? Spa time? At 11:30 at night? OK, I’m in.

So John gets us a taxi and we head to the seedy part of town (aka strip clubs, adult book stores and god knows what else) where we find an onslaught of Thai massages. And no, not the ones with the happy endings.

What I found was a real gem of an awesome Thai Massage called Sabai (if you are ever in the area check it out at 145 Oxford Street in Darlinghurst. It’s open from 10 am to 2 am. Geez, when DO they sleep? LOL.)

First I had to change into my massage outfit (again, a bit apprehensive at 12 am in the morning but I’m going with it.) It’s a loose fitting icky green shirt and pants. Since I was in jeans I’m very happy.

Then I have to lay down on a mat on the floor and the work begins. Now I have to be honest here. I was fast asleep (again) within 10 minutes so I don’t really remember most of it. But I woke up an hour later feeling totally relaxed. And John and Stan raved.

The sign of a great massage for me — I want to go back! I swear I tried to find another 2 hrs so I could go again. I’m keeping the brochure just in case I’m in Sydney again soon.


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