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What My Dog Is Teaching Me About My Business

Published on January 18, 2008

So I’ve had my dog about a week and already he’s been a great mirror. Between our daily walks, a trip to the beach, playing ball and teaching him how to hang with me in my office while we coach (I’m sure Titus at some point will be able to mentor my clients), I’ve been learning a ton about dog [...]

My new blog look…

Published on January 10, 2008

If you are reading this…you probably noticed a new look on the blog!
My team of virtual assistants have been working away on rebranding the Success Connections websites. I’m so excited about all the changes that are taking place.
We will be unveiling the new website and ezine look soon…stay posted!
 So, what do you think of the [...]

Win a Free Virtual Assistant

Published on December 31, 2007

Have you ever wanted to try out a Virtual Assistant but think you can’t afford one?
Now is your chance to see how you can get more done, make more money and enjoy more of your life with a Virtual Assistant. Elance, one of our preferred virtual team resources, is holding a contest where you can [...]

A Do-It-Yourself’er Lesson Learned

Published on December 20, 2007

I’m sitting at my desk and I hear this HUGE crash downstairs. My heart starts racing and for a moment, I have a vision of my honey sprawled on the garage floor, bleeding to death…or worse.
As I race downstairs Mark is walking in the door (whew, he’s not dead) with his hand covered in blood. [...]

Give Me Some Advice…

Published on December 17, 2007

I’m getting ready to launch a BRAND NEW coaching program
in January. This program will be totally new and based on
feedback I’ve collected from my coaching clients over the
But before I launch, I want to get your advice.
What is your number one question about accomplishing your
2008 goals?
Would you mind going to my AskCoachMel page and answering
this [...]

Virtual Assistants Get the Job Done…

Published on December 4, 2007

… For as little as $5/hour?
Great article on the Financial Post on the power of Virtual Assistants. It also gives some great distinctions between the American & European Virtual Assistants and the new trend of using overseas assistants that are much cheaper (ie. you get what you pay for always stands true I guess.)
I highly recommend [...]

Montana Golf Ball Thief Gets Massive Publicity

Published on November 13, 2007

My dad sent this video to me (I’ve finally trained my family only to send me the best of the best to minimize my junk mail.) It’s a hilarous little clip about a sneaky golf ball thief.

What occurs to me though as I watched the video is how much free publicity this golf course got [...]

Teleclass - Why Creating a Membership Based-Business Is so Smart

Published on November 9, 2007

Becoming the center of influence in your chosen niche is an excellent way to build your brand as the expert of choice. An underutilized strategy by many leaders in professional services is establishing your own membership-based business. Find out why the membership-based business model is a smart way to generate more profits and position yourself [...]

Can You Really Network at a Hollywood Mansion?

Published on October 31, 2007

Well Pam Tam thinks so.
A couple of wees ago I was invited to another one of her fabulous hollywood-style events. This one was called “The Premier” and was a high end networking event that infused the glamour of a Hollywood red-carpet gala.
The event was held at Nico Santucci’s Premier Mansion. This place just rocks! Here [...]

Blogging Bullies…Yes They Do Exist

Published on October 11, 2007

Have you ever been taunted by a blogging bully?
Well, truth be told, I was always the kid who got picked on in the school yard and I guess I’m still susceptible to bullies…now they are just online bullies!I was really quite embarrassed about my entanglement with a blogging bully but now that the dust has [...]