My Top 5 Travel Destination Wish List

I’ve been updating my travel “wish list” with some of the locations I’ve always wanted to go to. Having a lifestyle business, its very motivating to me to know where I plan to travel next. I tend to keep a running list in my mind, especially when I run across a great article in Spa Magazine or Travel. But now I’m actually cutting these articles out and putting the pictures up on my “travel dream board.”

So I thought I’d share a few of them here with you.

1. Maldives. Ever since I saw some silly show where 2 of England’s over-the-top stars Katie & Peter stayed in a hut over the water on these remote islands I was sold. (Yes, it must have been a VERY bad day for me to be watching this show.) I fell in love with the Maldives and have since been collecting all kinds of ideas like swimming with the man-o-rays.

2. Turks and Caicos. I’m sure it was the Spa Magazine article on Parrot Cay Resort and their world reknown spa that got me. White sand beaches and turquoise water bekons me every time I pull up the pictures.

3. Greek Islands. Again, being heavily influenced by popular media, I saw a movie with Darryl Hannah in the 80’s where her and her boyfriend spent a summer in Greece. I loved the white buildings against the hillsides so it’s been on my list ever since.

4. Tuscany. Oh, wow, I sound like a pop culture addict here but watching Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane has me drooling to spend three months living in Italy. I’ve been to Florence and had to pass through Tuscany to get there. Beautiful country. All though the locals tell me there are better countrysides to spend a few months in…until I find something better I’m sticking with a Tuscan Villa sometime in 2010.

5. The Great Barrier Reef. Even though I’ve been to Australia (I spent 2 weeks in Sydney & Melbourne), I didn’t get to enjoy the amazing diving that Australia has to offer. I definitely MUST go back and explore the islands and ocean life there.

So that’s my top five travel “wish list” list. What’s yours? Share it in the comments below…


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3 Responses to “My Top 5 Travel Destination Wish List”

  1. Caleb Scoville Says:

    Visit Caleb Scoville

    Hey Melanie!

    Wow - I’m in serious need of an exotic vacation. It’s been a year since my last one (a month traveling through Europe) and it’s about time I scheduled another long trip (although I will be spending 8 days in the Sierra’s in an electricity-free cabin by a lake this month, so I’m not doing too bad.)

    I’m going to give my list in a non-hierarchical manner and just the ones I can think of right now:

    -> Turkey: Istanbul and Capadocia. I’m a sucker for the whole “east-meets-west” thing.
    -> Spain: I spent about a week there last year (Madrid & Barcelona) but would love to spend a month or three soaking up the culture, language, beaches and cities.
    -> Iceland: Fueled on beer and coffee, this little island nation looks almost as alien as the surface of the moon, yet it’s rated as #1 on the human development index and Reykjavik is supposed to have unparalleled nightlife.
    -> Greece: I’m with you on that one, Melanie!
    -> Malaysia: just watched a travel video on Southeastern Asia and the tropical forests and cave kayaking in it made it look amazing!

    Thanks for the inspiring post ;)


  2. My Top Five Travel Destination Wish List — My LA Blog Says:

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