Get Out of Overwhelm

“Imagine Having an Overwhelm Prevention System to Quickly Handle Those Pesky Derailers so you Can Start Accomplishing Big Goals Again!”

(When you’re in constant overwhelm your entire business suffers.  So, can a simple set of preventive strategies really help you use your time and mental power more effectively — and have the business success you really want?)


The frustration of overwhelm often boils down to misunderstanding what got you there in the first place

Did you know there are 4 types of overwhelm that can be set off by 15 different triggers? Most entrepreneurs don’t. So when a typhoon of overwhelm hits, you just batten down the hatches and wait it out.  For some, this can take a few days.  Others lose a few months before they’re remotely close to being productive again.

No matter how you finally find your way out of overwhelm, any momentum you start to gain is tenuous. Because your personal, perfect overwhelm storm is just a cash flow emergency, rushed product launch, impossible deadline, or a tedious pile of tasks away.

Presenting ‘Get Out of Overwhelm’:  A step-by-step system for sorting high payoff actions from overwhelming distractions


The Get Out of Overwhelm system gives you tools to discover the difference between high payoff actions you can get your heart behind, and distractions in disguise. Turn your best, big ideas into reality — without beating yourself up, or sacrificing your sanity!



How to tell if my Get Out of Overwhelm can help you right away…

  • You struggle to translate your big ideas and desired outcomes into step by step actionable tasks.
  • You’re extremely busy, but seldom feel productive.
  • You have complicated business offerings and operations that even Einstein couldn’t figure out.
  • Your business is financially and emotionally costly to run — with too little to show for it.
  • The activities you spend your time on generate less than 20% of desired results (and income).
  • You overcommit.  So you drop a LOT of balls, and come across as disorganized and unprofessional to clients and marketing partners.
  • You spend all day answering emails and phone calls but you never get to the real priorities.
  • What it takes to manage your current business is so exhausting you can’t image growing any bigger (but you would like to make more money.)
  • When overwhelm hits, your inner critic chimes in with some version of “I’m not ___ (good, smart, rich) enough”.
  • You fear losing control.  So you waste time on activities someone else could do better, faster or cheaper.
  • You’re tired of the tears and heartbreak of trying to ‘manage’ your overwhelm.


dr. cindy brownNow my priorities match my Core Values

“Having a written plan of what to do next and what order to put things in was the missing link. With Melanie’s help I was able to accomplish more in 30 days than I had in over a year. My special report and website are now up and running

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The Get Out of Overwhelm Program is designed to help you…

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Get Out of Overwhelm’s “systemized approach” helps you quickly identify the “wrong strategies” that make you feel exhausted and drained so you can get back to activities that catapult you forward.  Yet its real power is activating fundamental paradigm shifts to keep you from feeling overwhelmed in the first place.  No longer will you be the overwhelmed, “hair-on-fire” entrepreneur who focuses on short term urgencies, at the expense of cash flow and goals.  No more mismanaging your time, or letting other people’s urgencies become yours.  Now — whenever you’re overwhelmed — you’ll quickly find clarity on what actions are high payoff vs. a bright shiny object you should avoid.  

Let’s take a look at what’s in the Get Out of Overwhelm program

  • The Four Types Of Overwhelm  Isn’t overwhelm just overwhelm?  It’s easy to think so, but that’d be a big mistake.  There  are four types of overwhelm.  When you understand which one is your default type (we all have one) you can stop spinning out of control.  
  • The 15 Common Triggers For Overwhelm   Until you find and face what triggers your overwhelm, you will always be at it’s mercy.  Once you learn the 15 common triggers that create your perfect overwhelm storms, you’ll have an internal doppler radar that detects them miles away, so you can steer yourself clear to calmer waters.
  • The 4 Pillars Of Thrive   To many entrepreneurs, thriving is a happy accident in between bouts of overwhelm. That no longer needs to be the case.  Discover the four pillars of thrive, and you’ll have the inner and outer foundation to build your wildest dreams on —  even if your follow through has been less than stellar in the past.
  • How Not To Slide Back Into Chronic Overwhelm   There’s a million ways to calm yourself into thinking you’re out of overwhelm. But that doesn’t mean your body’s limbic system isn’t still firing off danger signals when you try to get things done. Ironically, thinking you’re out of overwhelm when you’re really not is what makes you feel like you’re sliding back into it.  I’ll show how to wipe out the automatic habits behind chronic overwhelm.  
  • The Downside Of Fast Growth Just because you get overwhelmed doesn’t mean you’re not awesome.  In fact, you could be a victim of your own success.  People beg you to speak.  Joint Venture partners come out of the woodwork.  And your latest launch shows six-figure promise. Trying to do all this without having a game plan for the tidal wave of overwhelm, is like deciding to garden during a hurricane.
  • The Goals Mistake That Piles on Overwhelm Most of us know having goals written down is a powerful tool.  Yet when you ping-pong between overwhelm and catching up from being overwhelmed, goals get shoved to the side. So what if you had a goal system that acts like rocket fuel for every project you undertake — and avoids the mistake 90% of people make with setting goals?
  • A Mental Trick to Reboot Your Brain  Imagine having a quick “reboot” to let your brain know it’s OK to STOP feeling overwhelmed.  Anytime you’re overwhelmed you could listen to a simple audio program and leave feeling resourceful, powerful and clear on your next steps. No matter where overwhelm kicks in, you could have me there (well virtually of course) to quickly get you back being in the groove.
  • How to Find And Finish Your High Payoff Activities   When everything you do is an emergency, you burn yourself and your team out. This is because while idea creation is as easy as breathing, you avoid the details to make them happen like the plague.  The other extreme is being a perfectionist who treats every task like a priceless Faberge egg, with you being the only one skilled enough to handle it.  Both approaches leave very little done.  Now, you’ll finally know how to find and finish your most high payoff activities, without having your head in the clouds, or an iron fist around your to-do list.  People who count on you will be in awe of your new superpower.


Pam Ivey Pic

I had “Shiny Object Syndrome”

“Selecting Melanie as my business coach has been without a doubt, one of the best moves I have made for my business, focus and sanity.

My “Shiny Object Syndrome” tends to run away on me and I had created a monster of a business. I was creating in so many directions, but wasn’t finding any major success in any of them. Melanie immediately helped me create a new business structure and focus. Now I’m proud to say that I’m going “deep” with my products instead of constantly creating something new. This has made a significant impact on my bottom line”

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What you will learn in the Get Out of Overwhelm course

  • The surprising purpose of overwhelm (not getting this is what keeps you stuck)
  • 3 teeny attitude shifts that will forever change how you face overwhelm
  • The two areas where overwhelm most robs you blind
  • Why being a people pleaser puts your entire business in a pressure cooker
  • The sure-fire way to know your projects are viable before you start
  • How to kick your addiction to ‘opportunities’ to the curb
  • Two easy ways to avoid the overcommitment trap
  • What main factors cause us to over-complicate things
  • How to honor your creative process without sacrificing income
  • The two easiest areas to let go of control and get support
  • When growing fast is a bad idea
  • How to stop being afraid of saying ‘no’
  • What not to do if you have toxic business or team relationships
  • How to stop surviving from product launch to product launch
  • 5 proven ways to prevent overwhelm from happening in the first place
  • How to fall back in love with your business vision
  • Surprising ways overwhelm sucks cash flow from your business
  • The THRIVE goal formula that turns ideas into reality
  • What 2 parts of marketing create the most overwhelm for entrepreneurs
  • The fail-proof litmus test to tell if your expectations are unrealistic
  • Why figuring out 100% of any plan before starting is a bad idea
  • The gentle way to let go of perfectionism

What this program is NOT about

  • This system is not about taking a magic pill that eradicates overwhelm from your life forever; nor about slapping smiley face stickers over ‘icky’ feelings.
  • It’s NOT about shifting blame to anyone (yourself included), or forcing others to change their highly frustrating, unorganized ways.
  • It’s NOT about trying to morph you into a heartless task machine. While you will see your productivity dramatically increase, if you need a taskmaster to get things done, its better to avoid buying this program.
  • It’s also NOT about abdicating responsibility for how you got overwhelmed in the first place. This resource is designed to expose the overwhelm triggers that we are all exposed to — and discovering how to avoid falling into those gnarly traps so we can stay the course to significant success.

How long will it take for me to see results?

You’ll be able to go through the program the first time in as little as 3 hours.  But the real insight comes by using the ‘brain reboot’ centering questions when you’re actually overwhelmed.  This allows you to interrupt your brain chatter, find your trigger, ask the clarity questions and get back to what you love.

We also encourage you to listen to all the audios at least once a month so every layer of your unconscious mind has a chance to absorb the information. Real transformation takes place in the emotional body. Every time you listen to it you’ll be in a different place, and hear things with a new perspective which will increase retention

Can this program help my kind of overwhelm?

The Get Out of Overwhelm program is perfect for people who:  feel overwhelmed with what to prioritize; what to focus on next; what choices to make to move forward; having too much on your plate; feeling like things aren’t working the way you want; working too hard for too little results; feeling like too much comes at you at one time.  It’s also helpful if your emotions leave you exhausted or depleted at the end of most days (an overwhelm red flag).


What do you get in your Get Out of Overwhelm program?

overwhelmcd3d250Included in this resource are:

  • Two-Part Audio Recordings: In the audio program (which you can download as handy MP3 audios), I’ll guide you through how you might be unconsciously making choices that cause you to feel overwhelmed as well as walking you step by step through a simple system to stay focused, on-track and capable of creating a thriving small business.
  • Downloadable Action Guidebook: The guidebook integrates the unconscious lessons embedded from the audios into purposeful actions.  This audio and workbook combination guides your brain to make more meaningful decisions for your business.  You’ll also notice an upgrade in time management habits, as well as inner mastery to face the thoughts and triggers that lead to feeling overwhelmed.
  • Brain Reboot System: This program is the only program of its kind that uses cutting-edge Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques I’ve honed with 1,000s of entrepreneurs to guide your brain out of the “fog” of  overwhelm and back into alignment with your wholehearted purpose.


Plus, premium bonuses you can use right away

BOPBonus #1: Advanced Cash Flow Injection Mini-Workshop ($150 Value)

For many entrepreneurs, increasing income is the single greatest source of overwhelm. Whether you have too little or you are working way too hard to keep up with what you have, this mini-workshop I led for my $15k clients will help you discover more effective ways to boost revenues — without slipping into fear, worry, anxiety or crazy hours trying to keep up.



yes-or-noBonus #2 The ‘Hell Yes’ Decision Making Mini-Workshop ($150 value)

Even if you have clarity on what’s important, a decision to move forward can be riddled with self doubt. In order to wisely use your time, money and resources you must be clear on the value of the opportunity – otherwise, you’ll be on the hunt for the next bright shiny object again.  You’ll learn how to quickly and confidently make decisions for how to use your time and money with 7 Green Light Evaluation questions. Using these questions (and learning what criteria YOU must use to make decisions) will help you decide what should get a “HELL YES!” (and more importantly, what decisions should get a “Hell No!”)

But what if you don’t get value for your money?



I recommend that you NEVER buy anything that isn’t 100% guaranteed. And with this product you get my ‘Smile Guarantee’. Which means that if you decide all this information is rubbish, you can send us an e-mail within 60 days and we’ll give you all your money back. With a smile. 


How do I purchase Get Out of Overwhelm right away?

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To your success,



Melanie Benson Strick   .

Melanie Benson Strick
America’s Leading Small Business Optimizer


P.S. The techniques and tools in this program continue to be like a magic trick for me. Before I knew how to get out of overwhelm, I lost days and even months trying to grow a six-figure business that could support my dreams.  And I was always afraid the next project, speaking engagement, JV deal, product launch, or mountain of tasks would wipe me out.  With these techniques, all that has reduced dramatically.  If you’re looking for a better way than tears and heartbreak to ‘manage’ your overwhelm, I invite you to try these techniques for yourself.  See how much easier (and fun) your business can be, no matter what type of overwhelm you routinely face.

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