Would You Like to Exponentially Increase Your Results and Profitability So You Can Conquer Your Next Level of Success? 


Maybe this sounds familiar to you?

  • You know you have the talent and the ability to achieve high 6 and 7-figures…but you’re already working so hard you can’t find time to fit more in.
  • You constantly spin with too many ideas and “shoulds” leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • You have a real passion for what you do but running your business burns you out.
  • You’re always busy, but somehow you never seem to make massive leaps forward.
  • You spend a lot of time and energy (and money) trying to get ahead — working harder than you ever imagined for less results than you desire.
  • You never have the bandwidth to pursue the bigger goals and dreams you have (let alone enjoy your lifestyle.)

You are in the perfect place to accelerate your success, optimize your approach — and create a THRIVING business.

Private coaching is by application only. Our current offerings will be explored with you during a private Profit Boosting Consultation (you can apply here.) Please take a look at how I can best serve you below before you apply.

If you are in Phase 1 With a Lot of Vision of a Business Making Money with your Passion but are Generating Inconsistent and Too Little Income:

Start with my MoneyDNA Mastery 90 Day Program

If you have up and down cash flow,  feel challenged with making money doing what you love or experience a fear of creating higher levels of success, then you’ll want to start with this 90 day money mindset reboot.

Struggling to get ahead is a common issue with 70% of creative, fast-paced entrepreneurs. Until you resolve your money patterns you will struggle to sustain any level of success. Or you’ll have big wins and even bigger financial failures. In this three-month program, we’ll dissolve your money barriers and upgrade your MoneyDNA to attract a level of wealth and success you never knew was possible. This program is unlike ANY other wealth training or mindset coaching program as I’ll reveal how to isolate the root of your money stuckness, dissolve the limiting belief permanently while experiencing a life-changing upgrade in your internal money attraction code. In this group program, you will:

  • Release the money or growth fears that could be subtly sabotaging your wealth potential.
  • Create your Money Mastery Systems that allow you to be a money magnet every day for the rest of your life.
  • Uncover your Automatic Success Generators that allow you to create a consistent, predictable flow of prosperity.
  • Become a powerful steward of wealth so that always have financial abundance.
  • Activate the Four Money-Making Pillars every entrepreneur needs to generate consistent, predictable income.

Get the Details on the next MoneyDNA Mastery Program! 

If You Are in Phase 2 With an Offering Generating Under $100k in Revenues but Working Way too Hard for Current Results:

Accelerate Results Coaching Program

“Success is often a result of what you stop doing, than doing more.”

This program is designed for 5 and early 6 figure entrepreneurs that are clear on what they do best but find that they are working way too hard for the income they are currently earning.  If you have lots of ideas, feel overwhelmed, are the primary worker in your business, or have a goal that has been eluding you, this coaching program is your best first step.

This program is focused on:

  1. Discover hidden income opportunities lurking in your blind spot.
  2. Develop a road map for launching profitable, leveraged income offerings.
  3. Refocus energy on your highest payoff activities that are aligned with your income goals.
  4. Tap into proven growth strategies so you can get 10 times more done while reducing overwhelm and work hours.
  5. Gain the clarity and confidence necessary to be unstoppable.
  6. Master your core Profit Factors for a more stable and predictable income.
This program is by application only.
Let me know you are interested by applying for an evaluation here.

If you are in Phase 3 with a Business Generating Over $100k in Revenue, Growing Impact and Income Rapidly but Experiencing Costly Breakdowns and Growth Bottlenecks:

Awakened Leader Mentoring

“The strategies that got you here are not the same ones
that will get you to your next level of success.”

This paradigm-shifting approach is for conscious small business owners, thought leaders and visionary, heart-centered entrepreneurs who have already achieved 6 figures and are ready to run their business from a more sustainable, authentic and inspiring approach.

This program is focused on:

  1. Upgrade your success strategies for a more smooth running high 6 and 7 figure business.
  2. Optimize and scale your offerings so you can have a greater impact and income without working “in” the business.
  3. Assess and power up your support team so that you lead more and micro-manage less.
  4. Streamline and simplify your operations for higher productivity and profits.
  5. Identify and eliminate the costly energy drains in your current approach to running your business.
  6. Upgrade your inner and outer game so you lead with grace and sustainable power.
This program is by application only.
Let me know you are interested by applying for an evaluation here.


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Not sure which program is right for you? If you know its time to hire a coach and think Melanie could be a good fit, apply here. It will give us insight into your greatest opportunities and how to get you there in the fastest way possible. We’ll contact you within 48 hours to help you determine the best route for your needs.


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