Even though this book is full of valuable strategies and tips you might just want a step-by-step approach to getting the right help in your business.

I’d like to extend a ONE-TIME ONLY super offer to work with me on creating your support team together in my Build Your Dream Team coaching program.

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In this 10 week program I’ll take you step by step through my proven process of identifying, hiring and training top talent that will actually FREE YOU UP to do the most valuable activities in your business.

  • You won’t have to guess at what to do next, I’ll guide you through each step.
  • Instead of recreating the wheel you can use my templates, checklists and processes (saving you thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours for sure!)
  • And you’ll avoid the dreaded “blind spot” that entrepreneurs doing it on their own fall into that causes them to hire the wrong people who let them down over and over again!

Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll cover in my Build Your Dream Team program:

Session #1: Create Your Freedom Formula

  • Define your criteria so every person you outsource or delegate to is a perfect fit for your team
  • Clearly identify your real high-payoff activities so you delegate the most profitable tasks first
  • How to create your clear "lifestyle" vision so you hire the right kind of support people to free you up
  • Identify your unspoken priorities, unconscious drivers and hidden motivations that could sabotage your delegation efforts

Session #2: Design Your Dream Team Roles

  • Learn how to bundle your most profitable tasks to outsource into "roles" that are easy to delegate
  • Get clear on what type of person you need for each specific activity – and how to avoid the costly mistake of hiring the wrong person for the job
  • Implement "role descriptions" using our expansive cut-and-paste library to short-cut your path to the best person for the work (and eliminate those pesky start-up misunderstandings!)
  • Create Your Ideal Candidate Profile so you know EXACTLY who to look for (and who to steer away from) during the interview process

Session #3: Funding Your High Payoff Team

  • Create your Return on Investment Strategy so you can easily invest in your new team (no matter what your budget, you’ll see how you can EASILY get your team in place)
  • Discover the key to balancing administrative support with revenue-generating players on your team, so you end up with a team that gives you the support you need WITHOUT costing you a small fortune
  • Uncover the formula for hiring the right level of expertise (a.k.a., fee-based expert) for the right jobs (no more guesswork with $100/hour contractors when you need a $10/hour assistant)
  • Discover insider tips on when and how to use performance-based payment strategies (this is a cool tip to keep your budget on track!)

Session #4: Find Your Dream Team

  • The top 3 red flags you MUST know before hiring to avoid a costly mistake
  • Our insider stash of the top referral sources for virtual assistants, contractors and experts of all kind. (This one alone will shave off a minimum of 10 – 15 hours in Internet research alone!)
  • How to know when to use recruiting sites and listing services (and which ones to use) for hiring team members, contractors and virtual assistants (each has a unique purpose and attracts different calibers of talent)
  • Learn the secret to identifying the stand out talent from the "snow job" who is just focused on just making money

Session #5: Mistake-Proof Hiring

  • Uncover common hiring mistakes that can sabotage your efforts and waste your money (miss this one and all of your delegation efforts will be in vain!)
  • How to avoid the "gut-hire method" – which has a 95% failure rate – with my "3 Step Check." (Follow these steps and you’ll easily avoid the hiring trap that most entrepreneurs make)
  • Stealth interview questions that help the "A" players stand out (and quickly eliminate everyone else)

As I started my business, I took Melanie's Build Dream Team course and its been invaluable to my success. I hired my first VA in the first 3 weeks of the program -- now I have 10 Virtual Assistants who run my business. I’ve truly been able been able to become the CEO of my business, achieve 6 figure success, and take time off for maternity leave while my team runs the show.

With the resources and strategies from this program, I can grow my business without the fear of not being able to get everything done.

One of the best pieces of advice I got that changed everything for me was hire on character – hire for complimentary skill sets, people who aren’t the same as you – so you can delegate effectively.  I highly recommend this course and it will truly help you run your business better.

Jessica Rhodes
Jessica Rhodes Founder, Interview Connections

Session #6: Training Shortcuts

  • Learn a simple but highly effective training process that will eliminate that slow and arduous ramp up process (and save your sanity, too!)
  • The "5 Focus Fundamentals" that every business owner must cover in the training process (missing even ONE of these practically guarantees that your new team member will under-perform)
  • Invaluable leverage techniques to cut down on your personal training time so you can stay focused on your highest pay-off opportunities – and still get fast results out of your team

Session #7: Master Delegation Profitability

  • Learn the "On-Time Results" model — virtually guarantee that every task is done the way YOU want, on-time, the first time
  • A simple technique to transform any team breakdown into instant growth for your bottom line
  • How to stay on top of your team’s results without being a micro-manager

Session #8: Automate & Streamline Operations

  • Learn the core business operations technology that will keep your team on track so you always know how’s doing what (and how much it’s going to cost you)
  • Identify your top three systems to eliminate guesswork, costly mistakes and ensure your projects are done right the first time (plus, I’m throwing in a ton of my own systems to help you out!)
  • Discover how easy it is to hand off routine tasks to a machine that saves you thousands of dollars of wasted man-time and money

Session #9: Distraction-Proof Leadership Techniques

  • Tap into the power of being a leader vs. a manager (you learn how slipping into manager mode can sabotage your dream team – and your results.)
  • Discover why you fall back into bad habits and end up managing "monkeys" instead of accelerating your growth.
  • How to avoid "death by meetings" while keeping your connection strong with your team.

Session #10: The Art of Letting Go

  • My proven 4-Step Team Success Formula that helps you proactively detect team issues...before they become problematic.
  • How you know it’s time to make changes in your team (before they get overwhelmed and combust, or worse yet, quit on you).
  • A must-know warning sign that it’s time to let someone go (before they take you down with their sinking ship!)

Plus, I’ll give you downloadable tools to short-cut your hiring and training processes:

  • Revenue Planning for the Perfect Team (A simple technique to create the cash flow to hire your best resources.)
  • Interview Questions (my secret stash of questions designed to weed out over-promisers and allow the real gems to stand out in your hiring process.)
  • Sample Role Descriptions (instead of creating from scratch, download the role you are hiring for and get into action quickly.)
  • 90 Day Training Plan (Don’t wing it, follow this training process to ramp up to profitable results quickly.)
  • Project Planning Template (go from idea to results quickly by using this simple planning document.)
  • Sample Business Operations Manual (Hand this off to your support team member and they can customize it for you!)
  • Performance Improvement System (Got a great person but they started dropping balls?)

I purchased Melanie's Dream Team program with the goal of putting a solid team in place. I got so much more. I learned how to use my time in the best way. I've always had a team but I struggled with delegation. Because of that, I did most things myself and did not maximize or leverage my team. Melanie, gave me a process, structure, checklist and the questions I needed to answer to make the best decisions with hiring and time management. Now, I have a dream team and together we are growing my business.

Marquesa Pettway, CSP
Marquesa Pettway, CSP Business Reinvention Expert
Founder of The National Center for Speaker Training
helping entrepreneur create high end signature systems

Now the resources in the Build Your Dream Team program are worth way over $20,000 – especially when you factor in the cost of making a bad hire (heck I could make a case for this program potentially saving you $50,000!) And if you head over to my website, Build Your Dream Team is a $1997 investment. You’ll get immediate access to the Build Your Dream Team program for -- $1997 (or 2 payments of $1024).

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